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20th Anniversary

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This Virtual Museum contains a sampling of works of art created by renowned sculptor Angel Tarrac and other contemporary artists, all of whom utilize elements in their art inspired by Mexican art and culture.

Visitors to the site will view sculptures, paintings, and drawings in various styles and media produced since the first quarter of the 20th Century. These artists: Angel Tarrac, Luis Albarrán, Bill Anderson, Francisco Camps-Ribera, Guillermo Castaño Ramírez, Jorge González Camarena, Francisco Eppens, Carlos Helguera and others exhibit an individual creative versatility that is exemplary as well as unique.

These artists have made artistic contributions to private and public art collections both nationally and internationally and continue to be discovered by audiences worldwide, who have not yet had the opportunity to explore their art works.

Patricia Jessop-Woodlin, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Art Department
California State University, Los Angeles, California

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Luis Albarrán Bill Anderson Francisco Camps-Ribera Guillermo Castaño Ramírez
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Jorge González Camarena Francisco Eppens Carlos Helguera  
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California, USA

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