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Nora Tarrac

A fine artist's model, a sculptor's wife.

Nora during a posing session, 1942, ATVM files.

Nora Tarrac (1920-1988), was born in Acapulco, Mexico. She met Angel Tarrac during an artists' gathering in Mexico City in 1944. She was 22 years younger than Angel, and became his third wife in 1945.

Before Nora met Angel, she had been a model for artists such as the notable Spanish Painter José Bardazano, the Mexican painters Angel Zárraga, and Nieto Hernández, as well as for the American painter Rolf Stoll, and others. Nora worked in several cities throughout Mexico, and in various places in the United States, including New York City.

Nora with a painting of her, circa, 1943,
ATVM files.

Nora with "San Miguel Arcangel" by Angel Tarrac, circa, 1947, ATVM files.

Nora Tarrac posing for a group of painters, possibly at the Artists Ranch ("El Rancho del Artista"), Mexico City. Foto Mantel.

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